Drug Testing

Serving Los Angeles (LAX) since 2006

CM DRUGFREE provides drug & alcohol testing solutions for individuals, organizations & employers nationwide.

We have two offices in the LAX area to service your needs locally and we meet or exceed your drug testing needs for federal, state, or local requirements. We provide employee educational material and supervisor training for all covered employees requiring a drug test.


We offer training and support for each federal regulatory agency including:

  • FAA – Federal Aviation Administration
  • FMCSA – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • FRA – Federal Railroad Administration
  • FTA – Federal Transit Administration
  • PHMSA – Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
  • DHS – Department of Homeland Security (includes USCG)

Probation officers, substance abuse professionals, counseling professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists and other agencies, that need court ordered drug and alcohol testing services, should please feel free to contact us immediately regarding specific testing requirements. We can customize your tests for specifics like EtG (alcohol) in urine testing or do hair folicle testing. For more information about our consortium services, contact us at 310-417-9002 or email us at cmdrugfree@gmail.com.

The list of services we provide to the CPUC includes: educational material, a written company policy, supervisor training, administration of the client’s random testing program, administration of the client’s employee assistance program, and administration of the client’s pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, return-to-duty, and follow-up testing. We now offer instant testing as well.

  • Pre-employment drug testing
  • Random drug testing
  • Reasonable Suspicion/Probable Cause drug testing
  • Follow-up drug testing
  • Return-to-duty drug testing
  • Post-Accident drug testing
  • Periodic drug testing
  • Instant 10-panel drug testing now available!

Conveniently located near LAX, we offer a wide range of services to taxi, limo and shuttle operators. We have a vast amount of experience with the CPUC and can provide you with complete solutions which are cost effective, fast and reliable. Our staff can process your drug & alcohol test and have you back on the road picking up passengers in less than 72 hours, whether it’s for pre-employment, random, or license renewal. We focus on providing consulting services for TCP applications and Landside (LAWA) applications.


Pre-employment drug testing has become a common hiring requirement. With the US Department of Labor estimating that drug use in the workplace costs employers up to $100 billion dollars annually in lost work time, accidents, health care costs and workers compensation costs, more and more employers are implementing drug testing and screening procedures to help save on overall business costs. The majority of all Fortune 500 companies require employee drug testing.