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CM Drug Free is Los Angeles’s most recommended paternity testing laboratory providing DNA paternity testing services directly to the people of Los Angeles and greater LA areas.​


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All of our DNA testing is performed by accredited laboratories in Los Angeles near LAX.  We generally perform a mouth swab and gather DNA from the inside of the mouth (no blood drawn or needles necessary).  However, we can do other types of paternity testing using different sources such as fingernails, toenail, hair (root attached), and more.  

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Testing generally takes about two weeks, but we can expedite the DNA test for an additional fee. Ask an associate for details or call toll free at (310) 417-9002.

“In relationship testing, every effort should be made to test the mother when she is available. DNA testing of the mother, even if maternity is not disputed, improves the chance of obtaining conclusive results and is a quality control check for both the scientific and legal community, to ensure the correct child was tested. While motherless paternity testing is a relatively common practice, it can present a number of problems, ranging from inconclusive results, or in the case of incest or related alleged fathers, a false inclusion.”- Universal Forensics